Saturday , 20 January 2018


Southwest Meatball Skillet

Ugh, pretty sure I have senioritis.   Is that even possible to have in grad school?  I’m just done. I don’t know; I’m simply dreading the new class that’s starting on April 30th.  It’s funny, one month of only taking one class instead of two and I’m completely spoiled! But anyway, let’s talk food.  I’m pretty sure my love of Southwestern/Mexican ... Read More »

Latin American Picadillo (Slow Cooker)

So Serena over at Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  I’ve been following Serena for a while now and love all of her dishes (especially the baked goods since I’m not much of a baker).  In fact, right now she’s featuring homemade marshmallow fluff in homemade chocolate snack cakes.  Um, hello?  Totally delicious. My personal recent favorite from ... Read More »

Italian Meatball Burgers + A Giveaway!

*** Thanks so much for all of the comments but this giveaway is now officially closed! *** I am so excited guys!  It’s my first OFFICIAL giveaway!  Sing with me – aaaaahhhhhhhhh. Alright so a quick recipe (since this is a food blog) and then I’ll get to the product review and how you could be the proud new owner ... Read More »

Lightened Up Bolognese Sauce

When I was younger I was an unabashed carnivore. I ate my burgers plain with cheese and ketchup, and would always eat the meat in dishes and often skipped the veggies. Forget a salad – I went the route of meat, meat and more meat. It’s not that I didn’t like vegetables, I would and did eat broccoli, carrots, peppers ... Read More »

Thai Inspired Turkey Noodle Stir Fry

Who has leftover turkey they need to repurpose???  If you do then you need to keep this post in your arsenal. I’ll admit it.  I’m horrible about leftovers.  I can usually take them for lunch the next day but then my interest quickly wanes.  One can only eat so many turkey sandwiches before burnout occurs. Usually I avoid this by ... Read More »

Asian Blue Plate Special

So did everyone have a fabulous Thanksgiving?  Mine was good but I think next year I’m going to see if my family will just come to my house.  My mom doesn’t cook so it basically means that there’s nothing in her kitchen (seriously, she has some canned goods and ready made items – the women stores plastic in her oven). ... Read More »