Saturday , 20 January 2018


Southwestern Green Chile and Turkey Pasta

I took an unexpected blogging vacation but I’ve got excellent news…we’ve found a house! Hallelujah, hallelujah, ha lee luuu jahhhhhh!!!! Getting that all finalized, designing my kitchen layout, picking out paint and stains and appliances along with work has been eating up my time and the next thing you know it’s been two weeks. But let’s go on to this ... Read More »

Almond Crusted Turkey

Almond Crusted Turkey with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli

Happy Holidays everyone! No post on Monday of course, but I’ll probably post next week on Wednesday and Friday.  Today was my first official day of vacation and I’m off until the new year.  Yesterday was supposed to be my first day of vacation but I ended up heading into the office and working for the majority of it! Luckily ... Read More »

Turkey, Corn and Swiss Chard Enchiladas

So my husband’s first reaction upon seeing this dinner – “Why did you make Christmas enchiladas?” Alright, I admit it; it does maybe, vaguely, look Christmas-y between the red enchilada sauce, green onions and white cheese.  But as those in the know, well know, when you ask for your meal ‘Christmas style’ that means you want both red and green ... Read More »

Curried Honey Mustard Turkey and Potatoes

So I’m a bit of a honey mustard fanatic but honey mustard is also one of the few things I’m pretty picky  about.  I prefer a sweet flavor rather than a strong mustard flavor and I don’t like it at all when it’s sort of thin and sharp tasting.  And while I do love the creamy style honey mustards, I ... Read More »

Italian Turkey Broccoli Focaccia Sandwich

I used to cook 4 dinners a week and we would use the leftovers, since I typically make 4 servings per dinner, for lunch the next day. Both my husband and I work downtown (actually within a two minute walk of each other) so it’s definitely oh so tempting to meet up and just grab one of the many different ... Read More »

Turkey Vegetable Fried Rice

My life has settled down into a nice little routine that I’ve been greatly appreciative of.  I get up at 6 am, do a small workout to wake up, then either catch up on the news, mess around on the net or check my personal email while I drink my green smoothie. After that I get ready, go to work, ... Read More »