Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Southwest Meatball Skillet

Ugh, pretty sure I have senioritis.   Is that even possible to have in grad school?  I’m just done. I don’t know; I’m simply dreading the new class that’s starting on April 30th.  It’s funny, one month of only taking one class instead of two and I’m completely spoiled! But anyway, let’s talk food.  I’m pretty sure my love of Southwestern/Mexican ... Read More »

Cheesy Quesadillas with Roasted Tomato Soup

A bowl of roasted tomato soup with cheese quesadillas

It’s soup season! I’ll be posting a lot of soups/stews in the coming months and I figured I’d kick off the season with a basic – tomato soup. More specifically – this Roasted Tomato Soup and Cheesy Vegetable Quesadillas because what goes better with tomato soup but cheese? Completely randomly though, the weather in Cincinnati has been hovering in the ... Read More »

Spicy Greens with Chicken Sausage

I joined a weekly CSA this past year and it’s been fabulous.  I’ve been getting awesome, locally produced farm fresh produce and enjoying the fact that I’m supporting my community.  It’s also been forcing me to stretch the limits of my creativity to ensure we’re not eating the same thing over and over again. Take this for example: Does anyone ... Read More »

Twisted Fajita Burgers

A fajita inspired burger with baked fries on the side

  My husband is obsessed with Mexican food. It’s literally his favorite cuisine. I’m pretty sure I could feed him nothing but tacos, burritos and other Mexican favs every day and he’d be completely ok with it (the man even always assumed he’d end up marrying a Hispanic woman!). I’ll admit, I do enjoy Mexican inspired dishes but I can’t ... Read More »

Turkey Jalfrezi

Overhead shot of Turkey Jalfrezi over Basmati Rice

  I think I finally succeeded at an Indian dish! Let me bask in this moment… Basking… Basking… Still basking… Yay again! I love Indian food but cooking it has always eluded me.  I’ve tried three or four different dishes following complete recipes I’ve found through Indian cookbooks and it’s just never worked.  And I don’t think it’s from lack of spices ... Read More »

Fish Tostadas with Guacamole

Tostadas topped with cheese, fish poached in salsa and guacamole

  Ok I’ll admit it, I’m in a complete fish meal idea rut.  I’m fighting it tooth and nail but I definitely need to get some new inspiration. Here’s the deal: my husband (the fish hater) loves fish tacos so I tend to default back to tacos because I know he’ll like and eat them. But since starting this blog I’ve been ... Read More »