Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Pork, Swiss Chard and Potato Adobo

And it’s freezing again!  It’s below 0 with the windchill and I was almost blown away walking into work.  I literally had to freeze and stop moving in order to brace myself against the wind. The husband is still sick and possibly dying to hear him tell it (he’s not the best patient 😛 ), work is ramping up, and ... Read More »

Turkey, Corn and Swiss Chard Enchiladas

So my husband’s first reaction upon seeing this dinner – “Why did you make Christmas enchiladas?” Alright, I admit it; it does maybe, vaguely, look Christmas-y between the red enchilada sauce, green onions and white cheese.  But as those in the know, well know, when you ask for your meal ‘Christmas style’ that means you want both red and green ... Read More »

Bechemel Sauced Vegetable Lasagna

So remember when I mentioned that I’m way behind on my posting? Err…yeah so here’s a perfect example.  I’m totally posting this recipe, which I was originally going to call Summer Vegetable Lasagna at the end of September…oops.  Hence the name change to ‘Bechemel Sauced Vegetable Lasagna’ hah! But it’s still tasty, promise!  And besides, you could easily sub in ... Read More »