Saturday , 16 December 2017

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Review: El Caporal

El Caporal's Logo

  Since we had the fish meal last night, I told my husband this morning that he could take the leftover Mexican food for lunch and I would take the last vegetable sandwich (since I knew he’d prefer the Mexican)…and then after making sure he had something I forgot my lunch, darnit. As I was sitting at work debating my ... Read More »

Review: Shaan Indian Cuisine

Image of Shaan Indian Cuisine Logo

Curse you Indian food! I love you, but at the same time I hate you.  Why can’t I cook you?  Why do you withhold your secrets?  Why???!!! I’ve tried, I’ve really, really tried.  The one dish I’ve mastered is Chicken Vindaloo (my fav) but every time I try something else I fail.  Last night, I really thought I had it ... Read More »

Review: Wild Ginger

After Sunday’s marathon of cooking I had asked my husband to stop by the grocery store on Monday after work to pick up some fish that I could cook on Monday night. Here’s how Monday morning went:  I stumbled out of bed and immediately started back on my finance homework.  I’m pretty sure my eyes were glued together (not a ... Read More »

Review: Bellevue Bistro – Can the Food Make Up for Everything Else?

I’m always on the lookout for new breakfast/brunch spots.  I love breakfast and the one thing my husband and I do is always, always take the time to sit down Sunday mornings.  Whether we stay home and cook or go out varies but the one constant is that we always have breakfast before going grocery shopping, running errands, cleaning, etc. We had ... Read More »

Review: The New Dancing Wasabi

Last night we were walking around Hyde Park Square around 9 pm and I was being extremely indecisive (much to the annoyance of the husband) about what I wanted for dinner.  I was looking at Poco a Poco or Teller’s but finally decided to just grab sushi.  So we walked over to Beluga only to discover that…Beluga is no longer ... Read More »

Review: Abuelo’s For Lunch

So my day has been stressful to say the least. First I woke up late, like an hour later than I had planned. The original plan was to get up 30 minutes early, prep the patties for tonight’s dinner, throw together my school stuff, and enjoy my breakfast. Ehhh…no. After waking up super late, I rushed around the house getting ... Read More »