Friday , 19 January 2018

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Beef and Mushroom Pesto Kabobs

I’ve been looking at my blog lately and considering the fact that even though I alternate weekly between beef and pork I have way more pork recipes than I do beef.  That’s probably due to the fact that when I cook random meals I tend to go the pork route because I love it. Pork is seriously my favorite protein.  ... Read More »

Slow Cooker Italian Turkey Pot Roast

A bowl of italian turkey pot roast served over whole wheat spaghetti

Why is it my best meals never photo well? *frustrating* I tried to make this meal three separate times previously and something always happened to foil my plans (husband cooked it on high for 9 hours, slow cooker broke, etc.). Well I finally made it, and it was glorious!  Everything just combined in the cooker to make magic and I thoroughly enjoyed every ... Read More »

Twisted Fajita Burgers

A fajita inspired burger with baked fries on the side

  My husband is obsessed with Mexican food. It’s literally his favorite cuisine. I’m pretty sure I could feed him nothing but tacos, burritos and other Mexican favs every day and he’d be completely ok with it (the man even always assumed he’d end up marrying a Hispanic woman!). I’ll admit, I do enjoy Mexican inspired dishes but I can’t ... Read More »

Turkey Jalfrezi

Overhead shot of Turkey Jalfrezi over Basmati Rice

  I think I finally succeeded at an Indian dish! Let me bask in this moment… Basking… Basking… Still basking… Yay again! I love Indian food but cooking it has always eluded me.  I’ve tried three or four different dishes following complete recipes I’ve found through Indian cookbooks and it’s just never worked.  And I don’t think it’s from lack of spices ... Read More »

Middle Eastern (Baharat Marinated) Lamb Skewers

An image of a baharat marinated lamb skewer

  Let me wax poetic for a minute here, but fair warning if you’re a vegetarian/against meat, you should probably skip this post entirely (if the title wasn’t clue enough). My husband and I freaking love lamb.  It’s our favorite meat and super delicious.  When cooked correctly it’s melt in your mouth tender and amazingly juicy. It also tends to ... Read More »

Sausage Mix over Italian Potato Corn Cakes

An italian inspired potato corn cake served with a sausage and pepper mix

  Did everyone have a fantastic Labor Day weekend?  What’d you all do? And oh my gosh it’s like the heat broke.  I drove by a local pizza place the other day and it said it was 103 degrees, no joke.  Yesterday and today it’s hovering in the 70’s.  I guess summer is officially over; at least if you’re in ... Read More »