Tuesday , 16 January 2018

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BBQ Salmon Salad

Salad topped with BBQ salmon and a bbq vinaigrette

I’m way behind on posting this recipe seasonally wise but I’ve been meaning to and meaning to and finally got a chance. I’ll admit when I was younger I was a carnivore.  I used to proudly state that I hated vegetables like that leafy green lettuce or mushy slice of tomato mucking up my burgers.  Nope, I wanted them straight, ... Read More »

Turkey Salsa Negra over Acorn Squash

Salsa Negra Marinated Turkey on a bed of acorn squash, anaheim chiles, onions and garlic

Hmm…so what’s the difference between hash and a ragout?  Would this dish be classified as an acorn squash hash or acorn squash ragout?  Or even a Mexican cornucopia of sautéed vegetables?  (Ok so…probably not the last one). I was torn over what to call this so took the easy way out by leaving it off. Hey all you food bloggers out there – ... Read More »

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Drumsticks cooked cacciatore style in a slow cooker

  It’s time to bust out my slow cooker again!  I actually usually try to do one slow cooker meal a week because on the days that I go from work to class I leave at 8:30 am and don’t get home again until 9:30 pm.  For one of the days I tend to make fish meals because you can ... Read More »

Twisted Fajita Burgers

A fajita inspired burger with baked fries on the side

  My husband is obsessed with Mexican food. It’s literally his favorite cuisine. I’m pretty sure I could feed him nothing but tacos, burritos and other Mexican favs every day and he’d be completely ok with it (the man even always assumed he’d end up marrying a Hispanic woman!). I’ll admit, I do enjoy Mexican inspired dishes but I can’t ... Read More »

A Filipino Feast – Pancit, Lumpia and Pork BBQ

First off, all of the awesome pictures were taken by my husband.  I was busy cooking so he turned into lead photographer (yay for him). Sorry I’ve been MIA all weekend.  I haven’t been *gasp* cooking. Friday night I had a friend’s birthday to go to so basically just snacked before heading out.  Saturday night I was down at Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest (the ... Read More »

Sausage Mix over Italian Potato Corn Cakes

An italian inspired potato corn cake served with a sausage and pepper mix

  Did everyone have a fantastic Labor Day weekend?  What’d you all do? And oh my gosh it’s like the heat broke.  I drove by a local pizza place the other day and it said it was 103 degrees, no joke.  Yesterday and today it’s hovering in the 70’s.  I guess summer is officially over; at least if you’re in ... Read More »