Friday , 19 January 2018

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Super Hot Mett with Chow Chow

So my husband is going out of town this weekend for a conference in Cleveland.  He wasn’t planning on coming home for dinner but when I was making my meal plan I kinda um…forgot about his trip *cringe* especially since I actually had it written out but then didn’t refer to my planned copy! Since I didn’t want the food ... Read More »

Tofu Triangles with Spicy Onion Sauce

The place I’m interning at has a cookout every other Friday for lunch and employees volunteer to cook, set up, bring sides, etc.  I had wanted to bring a side two Fridays ago but I was broke.  Like ridiculously, I haven’t had a paycheck/made any money for the last three and a half weeks broke.  So I volunteered for this ... Read More »