Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Mexican Mayonnaise Chicken Drumsticks

I’ve had a bit of an obsession lately.  I get that way sometimes, it’s for no good reason but I just become fixated on doing something. Here’s a perfect example.  For whatever random reason, I got the whole idea of doing an old school mayonnaise slathered baked chicken.  I’ll admit, both my husband and I have a love of mayo, ... Read More »

Recado Rojo Jalfrezi aka Mexican Jalfrezi with Refried Bean Pakoras

I’ve got so much to share in this post! Let’s start at the beginning.  I was contacted a few weeks ago by Johar’s Original Bollywood Chutneys asking me if I’d like to review their Hot Cilantro Chutney (maybe from reading my blog they noticed my love of spice and ethnic cuisines). So in the interest of full disclosure – I ... Read More »

Cheesy Quesadillas with Roasted Tomato Soup

A bowl of roasted tomato soup with cheese quesadillas

It’s soup season! I’ll be posting a lot of soups/stews in the coming months and I figured I’d kick off the season with a basic – tomato soup. More specifically – this Roasted Tomato Soup and Cheesy Vegetable Quesadillas because what goes better with tomato soup but cheese? Completely randomly though, the weather in Cincinnati has been hovering in the ... Read More »

Mexican Summer Vegetable Pasta Bake

A plated side salad with a Mexican Summer Vegetable Pasta Bake

  My day has been a rollercoaster ride of craziness. First off the good – I got my internship, yay! The bad – I just got a haircut in preparation for my internship and I got butchered!  I have to keep telling myself it’s just hair and will eventually grow back. Another bad – my twitter account was suspended and ... Read More »

Nada – Restaurant Review

I got my internship!  He emailed me yesterday but didn’t say whether or not I got it, just asked me to call and I swear, I read it and my stomach dropped.  Like, oh no, he’s going to tell me they went with someone else. So I called him and yay!  He said they decided to offer it to me ... Read More »

Review: El Caporal

El Caporal's Logo

  Since we had the fish meal last night, I told my husband this morning that he could take the leftover Mexican food for lunch and I would take the last vegetable sandwich (since I knew he’d prefer the Mexican)…and then after making sure he had something I forgot my lunch, darnit. As I was sitting at work debating my ... Read More »