Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Gochujang Chicken with a Napa Cabbage Radish Slaw

I’ve been obsessed with gochujang, a Korean chile paste recently. While I’ve had it before in bibimbap (and loved it!), it’s only recently that I’ve really opened myself up to all of its possibilities. Plus while you can get it at any Asian market, recently I’ve noticed that the big local supermarkets are even carrying it in their International aisle, ... Read More »

Southwest Chili Rubbed Pork Chops with Chipotle Lime Veggies

In today’s frenetic and always on-the-go world, I’ve been trying to live more mindfully and work on enjoying each individual moment. I’m not doing so well. I’m one of those crazy, always like to be busy, always moving types.  I work the job I do because I loathe “downtime” at work.  I’d rather be pulled in a hundred different directions, ... Read More »

Congee / Jook (Slow Cooker)

So on Monday I featured the Lechon Manok, or Filipino Roasted Chicken I made for my mom’s 50th birthday.  I actually roasted 4 chickens to feed everyone and make sure there was enough leftovers for lunches (plus it’s a fiesta – it’s required that you have a lot of food!)  On a random side note, learn from my lesson, when ... Read More »

Blackened Fish Pasta in a Spicy Creamy Garlic Sauce

Pasta tossed in a spicy garlic cream sauce with blackened fish on top

Let me start this off with the preface that I love pasta.  But am I as in love with a relatively healthy kind of sauce like marinara?  Oh no, not me.  I’m a fan of the creamy, I know this can’t be good for me and it’s probably loaded with a ton of butter and cream and oh my gosh how delicious is this ... Read More »

Miso Crusted Fish Salad

Image of Miso Crusted Fish on a Salad

  Sorry for the late post.  I didn’t have time/forgot to edit and upload the pictures I had taken from Tuesday’s dinner and since Wednesday is one of my long days when I’m gone for 13 hours, by the time I got home and made dinner I had just enough time to move my pictures over to my computer.  In ... Read More »