Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Traditional Fish Sandwiches with a Waldorf Inspired Coleslaw

I have a bit of a confession to make.  Those fake fish deep-fried sandwiches from popular fast food chains?  I love those. I know, I’m all about healthy recipes and local and well, real food but there’s just something about those deep-fried fake fish sandwiches that I really like (probably the grease).  Maybe it’s the processed cheese melting on top, ... Read More »

Bayou Fish House

I’ve been hearing tons of talk about the Bayou Fish House around Urbanpoon and when a Groupon popped up for dinner for two (two entrees, two sides and two drinks) for $11 my first thought was – sold! My weekend ended up so packed with so much still to do (case write up, econ homework, IS project) that making dinner ... Read More »

Hoisin Fish with Green Beans and Shiitakes

Hoisin glazed fish on a bed of rice with green beans and shiitakes

  After two hours and fifteen pages (yes I said fifteen pages) filled in – my finance final is done.  Yay!!! As I sit here writing this it’s 9:50 am EST, I’ve got my interview at 1 and I still need to keep studying for my Operations Management final Wednesday night along with cooking dinner.  Although cooking dinner is the ... Read More »

Corn Tomato Fish Chowder

Overhead image of Corn Tomato Fish Chowder

  So yeah, this is a chowder.  How the heck do you make a chowder look tasty?  I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a soup and thought ‘That looks yummy!’.  Usually I have to read the ingredients to see that it’s probably going to be good. I think I took something like 20 different shots of this ... Read More »

Mango Chutney Glazed Mahi Mahi

Image of Mango Chutney Glazed Mahi Mahi

  Does this even count as a recipe? This was born after a long day working, and going to school.  I.e. this is something that goes from start to table in 15 minutes.  Probably less if you hustled but I had no hurry in me after the day I’d had. Sunday night I ended up going to bed at 8 ... Read More »

Grilled Spicy Mahi on Cilantro Vegetable Slaw

Overhead Shot of Spicy Grilled Fish on Cilantro Vegetable Slaw

  Monday Fish Meal Time! Last night was Monday which equals fish in my house (we do Meatless Tuesdays or Thursdays versus Mondays). I do wish I could be a bit more creative when it comes to fish meals, but maybe because I’m still unsure about cooking fish in general (I’m a lot more comfortable with chicken or pork) that ... Read More »