Saturday , 16 December 2017

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Cheesy Quesadillas with Roasted Tomato Soup

A bowl of roasted tomato soup with cheese quesadillas

It’s soup season! I’ll be posting a lot of soups/stews in the coming months and I figured I’d kick off the season with a basic – tomato soup. More specifically – this Roasted Tomato Soup and Cheesy Vegetable Quesadillas because what goes better with tomato soup but cheese? Completely randomly though, the weather in Cincinnati has been hovering in the ... Read More »

Mexican Summer Vegetable Pasta Bake

A plated side salad with a Mexican Summer Vegetable Pasta Bake

  My day has been a rollercoaster ride of craziness. First off the good – I got my internship, yay! The bad – I just got a haircut in preparation for my internship and I got butchered!  I have to keep telling myself it’s just hair and will eventually grow back. Another bad – my twitter account was suspended and ... Read More »

Cheese Studded Southwestern Burger with Sweet and Spicy Slaw

Image of Cheese Studded Southwestern Burger with Sweet and Spicy Slaw

So I’ve got two midterms next week, one is finance and one in operations management, so basically my week has been consumed by stuff I don’t want to do (i.e. studying). But need to eat + lack of money = me cooking. So if you notice a common theme is the last couple of recipes, it’s because I need quick/easy ... Read More »