Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Cheesy Southwestern Meatloaf Muffins

My friend jokingly told me that I like “old people food”. I’ll admit it, I like meatloaves and casseroles and cabbage rolls (just to name a few).  There’s a reason these types of dishes have been around forever, it’s because they’re delicious! But really, it’s just a matter of how a person defines comfort food.   And unfortunately sometimes our traditional ... Read More »

“Fried” Green Tomato Po Boy

I’m, dare I say it, soup and stewed out. It’s not that it’s not freezing outside (it’s 11 degrees with windchill), it’s not that I don’t absolutely adore you soup, I do, I really, really do.  You’re perfect and adaptable – you can be cold or hot, hearty or light, and can make the most mundane ingredients magical. It’s not ... Read More »

Chipotle Tomato Mac and Cheese + Chinet Bakeware Review

Not that we’re anywhere near a big holiday dinner, but I know for me I always have an issue with not having enough dishes for everything I’m planning to make.  Enter Chinet: Quick disclaimer – I did not receive compensation for this review, although Chinet gave me free products to test out.  But all of the opinions, photos and the recipe expressed ... Read More »

Chicken Chile Rellenos with Mexican Zucchini Brown Rice

It’s pouring outside.  I almost feel like I’m back in the rainy season.  I’ve got Ms. Foxy Brown (my dog) by my side and Cooking Channel on the TV.  When you combine the rain with my snuggly puppy and fun food shows it equals one lazy day. Definitely glad it’s Saturday! Usually I’m a better planner and I try to ... Read More »

Sweet Potato Stuffed Pasta Shells

Ok so I’ll admit it – I was worried about this recipe. Some backstory, my last CSA of the season (sob!) came this week and included a small amount of sweet potatoes, about a pound’s worth. I knew I was going to use them as the “featured ingredient” in whatever dinner I made, plus I definitely wanted to keep this ... Read More »

Slow Cooker Herbed French Dip

An herbed french dip made in the slow cooker

We had an awesome night last night playing laser tag.  Unfortunately both times I played my team lost, but it was still fun trying to take the other team’s base. And how sad is it that I’m that out of shape?  My thigh muscles are killing me today from all of the running and kneeling. I’ve also been gearing up ... Read More »