Tuesday , 25 April 2017

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Quick Potato Crusted Tilapia with Butter Roasted Carrots

Quick Potato Crusted Tilapia Overview

I’ve been all for the quick meals recently, which is why I love using fish as the protein.  Unfortunately, when you’ve got a seafood hating husband, I can’t really push the envelope too far in fear of a dinner time revolt. I’ve got to give him credit though; he’s a good sport about trying anything I serve but the minute ... Read More »

Indian Spiced Chicken and Vegetables

Kadhai Murgh 2

Ugh, writer’s block!  I don’t know how to start off this post.  I asked my husband for suggestions and he told me I should write about how awesome he is. So this is for you Mark – my husband is amazing (most of the time 😛 ) and I’m glad he was smart enough to realize what a catch I ... Read More »

Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Thai Vegetable Green Curry CloseUp

For an easy meal, I highly recommend keeping a couple of kinds of curry paste on hand. I know, I know, this is a food blog and I should be more authentic and make it from scratch, but there are prepared Thai curry pastes out there that are pretty tasty.  I won’t go into each brand but please go to ... Read More »

Bechemel Sauced Vegetable Lasagna

Summer Vegetable Lasagna CloseUp 2

So remember when I mentioned that I’m way behind on my posting? Err…yeah so here’s a perfect example.  I’m totally posting this recipe, which I was originally going to call Summer Vegetable Lasagna at the end of September…oops.  Hence the name change to ‘Bechemel Sauced Vegetable Lasagna’ hah! But it’s still tasty, promise!  And besides, you could easily sub in ... Read More »

Jamaican Red Bean Stew (Slow Cooker)

Jamaican Red Bean Stew Closeup

I am officially freeeeeeee! That’s right; I have finally graduated and now have my MBA.  Picture me doing an awkward happy dance a la the guy in the yellow shirt from the Choice Hotels commercial. In fact, embedded video below if you want to check it out. So was I seriously dancing like that?  Yes, yes I was – don’t ... Read More »

Vegetable Couscous with Pesto Goat Cheese Artichokes

Vegetable CousCous Goat Cheese Pesto Artichokes

Quick post because I’m still working on catching up and my new classes have just started *ugh*. For the most part I like couscous but tend to find it just a bit, well odd.  I think it’s a bit of the texture when you’re eating it.  It’s these tiny balls that I’m sometimes not sure whether to chew or just ... Read More »