Saturday , 20 January 2018

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“Pizza” Stuffed Mushrooms

A couple of weeks ago I put out a call for ideas on the blog Facebook page.  Blogging is a bit weird because it can sometimes feel as if you’re in a bit of a bubble – it’s very supportive and communal but can also be very insular.  I love visiting other blogs and seeing what fellow bloggers are featuring ... Read More »

Italian Tuna and Tomato Salad.

The weather here is going crazy and my co-workers are in and out with various illnesses.  We went from 11 degrees with windchill last Thursday to the low 60’s today.  I think the weather might be having some serious mood swings. With the upswing in warmer weather it’s got me craving warm weather dishes.  This isn’t exactly in season so you could ... Read More »

Mediterranean Rice Salad

Mediterranean Rice Salad

This dish is one of those unexpected dishes.  One of those dishes that I want to put a flashing pink animated frame around to properly emphasize the awesomeness of it. My husband had something going on that night – a meeting or class or something where he was eating dinner out – and I had some leftovers I was planning ... Read More »

Summer Squash Pizza with Feta and Peppers

I got a ridiculous amount of summer squash in my CSA, *cough cough a couple months ago* (yes, I’m that far behind lol) and knew that whatever I did, it would need to be the starring ingredient. I’ve done a lot with zucchini and summer squash – sautéed it, made fries with it, stir-fried it, and roasted it.  Frankly, I ... Read More »

Italian Meatball Burgers + A Giveaway!

*** Thanks so much for all of the comments but this giveaway is now officially closed! *** I am so excited guys!  It’s my first OFFICIAL giveaway!  Sing with me – aaaaahhhhhhhhh. Alright so a quick recipe (since this is a food blog) and then I’ll get to the product review and how you could be the proud new owner ... Read More »

Bacon, Caramelized Onion and Summer Squash Pasta

Pasta with caramelized onion, squash and bacon.

  Quick rant (feel free to skip this part) – I have no intention of ever being a trader/financier/economic guru.  Who came up with the whole idea of options?  Seriously.  Long Call, Short Put, pricing options by figuring out the replicating portfolio and then enacting an option plan such as a protective put and how do I figure out the ... Read More »