Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Review: Wild Ginger

After Sunday’s marathon of cooking I had asked my husband to stop by the grocery store on Monday after work to pick up some fish that I could cook on Monday night.

Here’s how Monday morning went:  I stumbled out of bed and immediately started back on my finance homework.  I’m pretty sure my eyes were glued together (not a pretty sight) but I managed to force them open.  After taking 15 minutes to shower and dress I dreaded going to work, not getting more sleep, and finally started thinking about being gone for approximately 13 hours (work and class) after getting 4 hours of rest.

Hmm…yeah. Cooking = not going to happen (must start prepping freezable meals for moments like these!)

Here’s the deal.  By the time I get out of class it’s 9pm.  After driving home and picking up my husband (no sense in taking 2 cars) it’s 9:15.  My restaurant options tend to be a bit limited (and I get tired of going to the same places over and over).  A lot of restaurants close around 9 or 10pm and I will not be that person that shows up 10 minutes till closing.  I’ve been that server trying to use my amazing telepathy powers to urge that last table out the door (watch her bend that spoon using only her mind!)

So we either have to go to a more bar type of place, or it has to be somewhere close that way we can get there in enough time to order and eat before closing.

And for some reason I was craving pasta or noodles.  That’s a significant dearth of Italian restaurants by my place (although we looked it up during dinner and Biagio’s doesn’t close until 11 – have to remember that for next time) but I didn’t want the usual places we frequent so Wild Ginger won the vote.

Image of Wild Ginger Logo

The atmosphere at Wild Ginger gives you a little more of an upscale feeling and I think that’s their goal.  Muted, soothing colors and a tranquil atmosphere; it really inspires relaxation, something I definitely approved of after my day.  We were also sat at a two top table by the window which is provides a perfect and enjoyable people watching experience.  Plus it’s a “pretty” feeling, being able to watch the world go by.

My husband and I usually split a meal and a salad or soup for general wellness reasons (restaurant portions are huge).  But that’s tempered by the fact that I love going to a new restaurant (to me anyway) and trying multiple items.  I’m very indecisive, add in the fact that I’m super hungry always leads to my eyes being bigger than my head.

First out was Crab Rangoons for $6.  There are 6 per order and they were pretty standard.  Not the healthiest thing out there, but both my husband and I are huge fans of cream cheese.  There was a good amount of filling in each rangoon, but the best part of them was the fact that they were fried perfectly crisp.  Not too done and over-fried, and not greasy at all.  Maybe it’s an oxymoron that I don’t want my fried food to be greasy, but I think fried food at its best should be light and crispy (this include chicken, hmm….fried chicken).  They were served with a standard chili sauce which tasted just like your average bottled sauce from the store.

Next was an order of Chicken Lettuce Wraps for $8.  You definitely get a big (and delicious) portion here.  I convinced myself it was healthier because I was wrapping it in lettuce and that has to, sort of, make up for the fried crab rangoons right?  Right?  Anyway, you get a shallow plate of filling surrounded by multiple fresh lettuce leaves. The filling itself was chicken, tiny chopped up baby corn, onions, and a variety of other vegetables.  I liked the fact that the lettuce itself was cut in smaller wedges.  I’m not a big fan of when a place just gives you these huge floppy green leaves.  I like my lettuce to have a crunch and feel refreshing.  The flavor was right on, and we happily dug into them.  I do wish that they did serve a sauce with them, maybe a soy ginger or a spicier sauce on the side?

For our main entrée we ordered the Goy Si Mee ($12).  I’m not a big shrimp fan (weird, I know) so instead of the chicken and shrimp the entrée comes with, we ended up with chicken and pork.  They allow you to specify a spice rating of 1 – 10 and we settled on the 7 (yay for marital compromise – I wanted 8 the husband wanted 6).  The menu describes it as “Crispy egg noodles topped with stir fried shrimp, chicken, and vegetables”.  Whatever sauce it was stir fried in was perfect and had just the right amount of bite.  The sauce was a bit on the sweeter side, so I’m thinking it was a bit of soy mixed with brown sugar, maybe vinegar, and some chilies but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There was chicken and pork along with carrot, baby corn, onion, sugar snap peas and probably more that I don’t remember.  The only thing I wish is that the dish itself had more noodles.  But if I had to trade off some of the meat and vegetables for more noodles I wouldn’t want to.  I’m greedy and just wanted more noodles without having to sacrifice anything else.  Either way, super tasty.

I did order a drink ($6) so with everything else our bill came to $34.  Not bad considering we got a drink, 2 appetizers, and an entrée.  We also had a ton of leftovers, and I took the lettuce wraps for lunch while my husband took the noodles.  We ate all of the crab rangoon since fried food doesn’t reheat well.  You are paying a bit for atmosphere and service here (their busser/server assistant is pretty amazing – he was on top of drink refilling, clearing plates, paying us out is).  Our food came out quickly, hot, and fresh, and our glasses never went empty (with the amount of water my husband drinks that’s definitely saying something positive).

With tip our bill ended up being $41 (about $10 per meal) so it was a bit on the pricier side but I did order a lot of food.  If I hadn’t have let my eyes take over it probably would have been a lot less (we didn’t really need the crab rangoon and lettuce wraps, I just wanted them).  Overall, I’ll probably stop in again.  I guess they also do a brisk carry out business so it’s another idea to keep in mind.  And I still want to try their sushi, simply because they had some interesting rolls listed (example: Mexican roll – soft shell crab, jalapenos, lettuce, and cream cheese) and I’m a sucker for creativity.

Side note – Apparently if you pay in cash they give you 10% off your bill?  So bring cash to pay with!

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  1. the crabs and the lettuce makes me drool.
    $34 and leftovers? not bad at all…

    PS. i skipped the patis for fear of adding more and more rice^_^

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