Saturday , 20 January 2018


Indian Spiced Rack of Lamb

  [divider_flat] Cincinnati is under a dead serious tornado watch – the same storm front that blew through Kansas is heading our way.  So fingers crossed Cincy stays safe and I don’t end up downstairs in our apartment’s scary basement (seriously, at night my husband had to come down with me to get the laundry because it freaks me out). ... Read More »

Jamaican Curry

  Ok so don’t surf away! Yes it’s goat.  Goat curry is traditional in Jamaica and usually appears at every party/event.  Actually it’s usually bone-in pieces of goat which are curried but I don’t have ready access to bone-in pieces. So if the goat is pushing the limit for you too much, feel free to sub in ground turkey, ground ... Read More »

Middle Eastern (Baharat Marinated) Lamb Skewers

An image of a baharat marinated lamb skewer

  Let me wax poetic for a minute here, but fair warning if you’re a vegetarian/against meat, you should probably skip this post entirely (if the title wasn’t clue enough). My husband and I freaking love lamb.  It’s our favorite meat and super delicious.  When cooked correctly it’s melt in your mouth tender and amazingly juicy. It also tends to ... Read More »