Thursday , 18 January 2018


Grilled Tuna, Rice Noodle and Napa Cabbage Salad

My CSA – this week is the last week until next season L – has been giving me radishes lately and I’m a bit at a loss as to what to do with them. Mind you, I have nothing against radishes.  They’re just not one of my “go-to” vegetables that I continually find myself picking up.  Now sweet potatoes, broccoli, ... Read More »

Honey Glazed Tuna

Woohoo!  I’m on break from school until January.  One last paper to write and I’m officially free! (At least for a little while). Now I’ve just got to freak out about my capstone coming up but I’m going to push that out of my mind and fully enjoy my break. My husband (the fish hater) randomly loves sushi grade tuna.  ... Read More »

Pineapple Fish Tacos

Flashback Post!  I actually wrote this last Tuesday, meaning to quickly post it on Wednesday but in the pre-Thanksgiving rush things were crazy.  So do me a favor and pretend you saw this last Wednesday, ok? Plus I’ve got tons and tons of posts coming (I’m so behind!) so keep tuned in. It’s the final countdown (duh du duh duh, ... Read More »

Blackened Fish Pasta in a Spicy Creamy Garlic Sauce

Pasta tossed in a spicy garlic cream sauce with blackened fish on top

Let me start this off with the preface that I love pasta.  But am I as in love with a relatively healthy kind of sauce like marinara?  Oh no, not me.  I’m a fan of the creamy, I know this can’t be good for me and it’s probably loaded with a ton of butter and cream and oh my gosh how delicious is this ... Read More »

BBQ Salmon Salad

Salad topped with BBQ salmon and a bbq vinaigrette

I’m way behind on posting this recipe seasonally wise but I’ve been meaning to and meaning to and finally got a chance. I’ll admit when I was younger I was a carnivore.  I used to proudly state that I hated vegetables like that leafy green lettuce or mushy slice of tomato mucking up my burgers.  Nope, I wanted them straight, ... Read More »

Spicy Tuna Sushi Burgers

Spicy Tuna Roll Meets Burger

First off I’m going to apologize for the horrible pictures.  I actually made this meal at my mom’s last night and since I forgot my camera I ended up having to use one of her older ones. I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a fish-hater but one of the few fish he actually does enjoy is tuna.  And I’m not talking ... Read More »