Saturday , 20 January 2018


Quick Potato Crusted Tilapia with Butter Roasted Carrots

I’ve been all for the quick meals recently, which is why I love using fish as the protein.  Unfortunately, when you’ve got a seafood hating husband, I can’t really push the envelope too far in fear of a dinner time revolt. I’ve got to give him credit though; he’s a good sport about trying anything I serve but the minute ... Read More »

Italian Tuna and Tomato Salad.

The weather here is going crazy and my co-workers are in and out with various illnesses.  We went from 11 degrees with windchill last Thursday to the low 60’s today.  I think the weather might be having some serious mood swings. With the upswing in warmer weather it’s got me craving warm weather dishes.  This isn’t exactly in season so you could ... Read More »

Fish with Pepper, Corn and Vegetable Relish

We’re ramping up to the holiday season!  I wish I had a cute Halloween themed post but unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do all the fun stuff I’ve been seeing (plus you know – the whole not having kids yet thing also contributes to a lack of motivation in doing fun crafts/snacks). [hr] I did want to give ... Read More »

Crispy Cajun Shrimp with Spicy Remoulade

I actually used to hate shrimp.  I know, very un-Filipino of me, but there it was.  When we used to get combo fried rice, etc. I would always just pick the shrimp out and give it to my mom or whatever family member happened to be around. Now though, I’ve been having fun experimenting – although I’ve noticed that you ... Read More »

Traditional Fish Sandwiches with a Waldorf Inspired Coleslaw

I have a bit of a confession to make.  Those fake fish deep-fried sandwiches from popular fast food chains?  I love those. I know, I’m all about healthy recipes and local and well, real food but there’s just something about those deep-fried fake fish sandwiches that I really like (probably the grease).  Maybe it’s the processed cheese melting on top, ... Read More »

Grilled Fish with Avocado Sauce

  I’m still working on catching up – I’m in the home stretch, but my classes have started up again and work responsibilities have increased so it’s a definite juggling act that I’m working on figuring out how to balance.  Unfortunately the things I want to do, like blogging have definitely fallen a bit to the wayside as I’ve concentrated ... Read More »