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Dinner Failure so a Review of Biagio’s Bistro

Note: The image above isn’t mine.  It’s by JFFOtherGill linked here.

I got up a little early yesterday because I had plans, that’s right plans I tell you, for the smoked turkey drumstick that had been hanging out in my freezer and I had pulled out to defrost a day prior.

My goal was to use up more of the corn from the CSA and finish off the potatoes I had gotten.  I also had an onion and two peppers hanging out and an idea percolating in my mind.

As I was placing everything in my slow cooker, I ran out of time right when I got finished.  Since my husband leaves after me, I asked him to turn the slow cooker on and set it on low for 10 hours.

I rushed home after class to finish off the meal.  I was feeling pretty exhausted so was looking forward to basically having dinner made and ready to go.  I opened the cooker and it looked burnt?  Like blackened and dried out burnt.

Who knew you could even burn something in a slow cooker? 

Turning to my husband, I asked “Did you set it for 10 hours?”


“You set it for low right?”

“You didn’t say low.”

“Yes I did.  I would never tell you to cook something on high for 10 hours!”

“Well how am I supposed to know these things?”


The dinner I had been looking forward to was a dried out tasteless mess.  Even a huge turkey drumstick couldn’t compete against 10 hours on high.  Although look for that recipe in about two weeks, because I’m thinking it would have been really good and I’ve added it to my meal plan list to do over (cooked on low this time!)

So we needed dinner and I really didn’t want to just order pizza.  I had been looking forward to sitting down and relaxing.  The main problem with going out to dinner after I get home from class is that by the time we get anywhere it’s usually 9:30pm and a lot of places close at 10.  We end up having to go to a bar and eat bar food (the usual chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, etc.) and I really wasn’t feeling that.

From being a server, I would never go somewhere half an hour before they close to try to eat.  A couple of weeks earlier we had noticed that Biagio’s Bistro in Clifton is open from 11 am – 11pm so we decided to head there and try it out.

When we walked in there was only one other table that had already finished dinner.  This probably should have been a clue that we should leave and go somewhere else, but it was only 9:30 and they’re open till 11.  I mean it was a Wednesday, so maybe that had something to do with the lack of tables?

Décor is nice.  When you think of an Italian restaurant you’re probably picturing something like Biagio’s in your head.  White tablecloths, muted lighting, and Italian opera in the background all added up to a relaxing environment.

Our server was nice and started us with waters.  We ended up deciding to just split the chicken scaloppini since pasta is usually a big portion and it came with a soup or salad and bread.

The bread was nothing special.  I’m not sure if it’s made in house or not.  While it had a nice crust to it and you could see the floured crust where it had been baked it tasted more like regular sliced white bread.

We also split the Italian wedding soup which was kind of greasy and lukewarm.  The flavor of it was just ok, it wasn’t the worst I’d ever had but it definitely wasn’t the best.  It was on par with Progresso, although I’m not knocking Progresso, there’s usually a can somewhere in my pantry.  As far as the heat level, they’d most likely already turned the warmers off for the night, and honestly, I should probably know better since where I worked we always turned the soup warmers off a couple of hours before closing.  Note to self – if it’s later at night just get the salad.

Although the bread was tasty once I soaked it in the soup.

The scaloppini?  It was really, really good.  Like super good.  Described in their menu as, “Sauteed chicken breast in a white wine butter sauce, with garlic, mushrooms, green onions and capers” it was exactly what I was wanting.

The sauce had a nice flavor and the perfect savory note to it.  I love mushrooms and capers and they just added to the overall appeal.  The chicken breast had a good ‘crust’ to it, and was cooked perfectly.  The fresh fettuccine kept a nice bite and was lightly coated by the sauce.

After we ate, we both used the bread to soak up any sauce left on the plate.  Yeah it was that kind of meal, the kind where you’re trying to get every last tasty bite.   For the both of us I think our bill came to $18 and some change so not bad pricing overall.  I would be careful though, if you got an appetizer, and two entrees your bill could easily go over $50 so take that into consideration as far as pricing goes.

As we were leaving, we asked the cook/chef about the time they closed and I guess while they are open till 11, if no one is there, they often close by 10:15.  So keep that in mind when you’re going out to dinner, I wouldn’t get there any later than 9 (don’t be like us and not get there till 9:35).

Would I go again?  Definitely to get more of that pasta, although I’d skip the soup in favor of a salad, especially if it’s towards the end of the night.

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