Saturday , 20 January 2018


Latin American Picadillo (Slow Cooker)

So Serena over at Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  I’ve been following Serena for a while now and love all of her dishes (especially the baked goods since I’m not much of a baker).  In fact, right now she’s featuring homemade marshmallow fluff in homemade chocolate snack cakes.  Um, hello?  Totally delicious. My personal recent favorite from ... Read More »

Beefy Butternut Chili

It’s another rainy, gray day.  Although I will admit it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend.  Sunday hovered in the 60’s and with the sun shining we took full advantage of it and ate outside. So I guess my dinner doesn’t really match the weather, but it’s technically only the beginning of March – still perfectly fine for chili time. I’m ... Read More »

Cincinnati Style Chili

When you grow up in Cincinnati, you’re always grabbing a coney or three way for lunch, dinner, after a night of drinking and sometimes even for breakfast (depending on what time you get up). I mean, the stuff is delicious.  I’ve had friends who moved away who literally craved it and always made a point to stop and get some ... Read More »

Pan Seared Steaks with a Shallot and Mushroom Sauce

My husband and I have been trying to save money by reducing our spending especially with the cash outflow that happens every holiday season. And hello, I run a food blog which means we’re big fans of eating out and trying new foods and restaurants which isn’t exactly conducive to saving money. So I decided I wanted to make us ... Read More »

Dijon Herbed Beef Roast with Turnip Gratin and Apple Braised Cabbage

Last night was a fun filled night of accounting homework…right… I spent four hours, count them one, two, three, four, on it and I’m still not finished. It’s amazing how much other stuff I manage to get done when I know that I’ve got a paper or a case study or homework to get done. For example, take last night.  I decided to ... Read More »

Slow Cooker Herbed French Dip

An herbed french dip made in the slow cooker

We had an awesome night last night playing laser tag.  Unfortunately both times I played my team lost, but it was still fun trying to take the other team’s base. And how sad is it that I’m that out of shape?  My thigh muscles are killing me today from all of the running and kneeling. I’ve also been gearing up ... Read More »