Thursday , 22 February 2018

Bayou Fish House

I’ve been hearing tons of talk about the Bayou Fish House around Urbanpoon and when a Groupon popped up for dinner for two (two entrees, two sides and two drinks) for $11 my first thought was – sold!

My weekend ended up so packed with so much still to do (case write up, econ homework, IS project) that making dinner was really not going to be an option (plus and more importantly I was feeling so, so very lazy).

So off to Bayou Fish House we went.

The inside is basic but I mean, it’s a fish house, I’m not really looking for fine décor.  From reading some of the older reviews I think that all they used to have was the long counter against the wall but since then they’ve added two high-tops and a table or two which makes it a lot more welcoming.

I did appreciate the framed articles, wall color and open kitchen – you know they’re not trying to hide anything about how they prepare their food.

Upon first walking in the place was empty which was worrisome, but it seems like a lot of their business is carry-out.

The menu is basic and I love that they didn’t try to fancy it up with a bunch of other items.  On a daily basis they have perch, cod, whiting, shrimp and a catch of the day.

Each table is also set up with every condiment you might need: malt vinegar, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salt and pepper.  Plus they ask if you want tartar with your meal for all you tartar sauce lovers.

They also offer a side of sautéed onions and pepper free with your meal which we eagerly accepted.

I ordered the haddock (that day’s catch) and my husband got the cod along with two sides of gumbo.  Each meal has four pieces of fish and comes with fries and bread.

The chef brought out our gumbo first so we had something to munch on while we waited.  I prefer my gumbos to be a bit spicier but it was easily rectified by adding some of the hot sauce on the table.

But then our main meals came out; the baskets of fish and fries.  First off, they definitely don’t skimp you on your portion.  For $6.95 you get four smaller pieces of fish, fries and two slices of bread.

My haddock was perfectly cooked and crispy.  I think their batter has a cornmeal base with other spices in there too but I’ve got to give them two thumbs up for the cook job.  The fish was done but still moist, the coating was crispy but not greasy in any way shape or form.  For being a fried dish it definitely didn’t feel heavy.  We were commenting on the drive home that they’ve got to have their fryers at the perfect temperature to get such a light and crunchy coating minus the grease.  It’s like all the deliciousness of fried food without the bad.

The sautéed onions and peppers are a mix of onions along with jalapenos and banana peppers.  We ended up devouring our veggies between bites of hot sauce spiked fish which is really everything I could ever ask for in a fried fish meal.

My haddock was a little bit crispier than my husband’s cod although his tasted meatier due to the haddock vs cod difference.  Since the cod is thicker it had a little less crunch but without my haddock being right there to compare it to, we never would have noticed.

Either way we were more than satisfied with both of our meals.  I think the fries are also battered in the same breading the fish is because they ended up with a fabulous coating on them.

From what the cook was telling us they make the gumbo fresh everyday and the food itself is also made from scratch which is how it should be.  I feel like these facts really shined through here, you could tell that everything was fresh and cooked right to order.

So would I go back?  Definitely.  Reasonable prices and amazing food, this is how a true fish house should be.

Bayou Fish House on Urbanspoon

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  1. Okay, I now wish Cayman had a Bayou Fish House AND groupon 🙂 Great review!
    Parsley Sage recently posted..AbacusMy Profile

  2. Looks like a great place. Can’t beat good food and a reasonable price! Your meal sounds delicious!
    Carol @ There’s Always Thyme to Cook recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love!My Profile

  3. Because i love seafood,I will like this place,,,sound like a great place to eat out,when we are bussy or don’t have time to cook 🙂
    Ridwan recently posted..Pita arugula pizzaMy Profile

  4. I possibly could say that this appears like a great place and I can’t beat good food and a reasonable price! Your meal sounds delicious. Great review!

  5. Great review. I am a big fan of this place. They do only one thing and they do it well. Great for an affordable meal when time is limited. Forget chain burgers, head to the Bayou Fish House.

  6. This place is so good!

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