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Asian Blue Plate Special

So did everyone have a fabulous Thanksgiving?  Mine was good but I think next year I’m going to see if my family will just come to my house.  My mom doesn’t cook so it basically means that there’s nothing in her kitchen (seriously, she has some canned goods and ready made items – the women stores plastic in her oven). ... Read More »

Pineapple Fish Tacos

Flashback Post!  I actually wrote this last Tuesday, meaning to quickly post it on Wednesday but in the pre-Thanksgiving rush things were crazy.  So do me a favor and pretend you saw this last Wednesday, ok? Plus I’ve got tons and tons of posts coming (I’m so behind!) so keep tuned in. It’s the final countdown (duh du duh duh, ... Read More »

Dijon Herbed Beef Roast with Turnip Gratin and Apple Braised Cabbage

Last night was a fun filled night of accounting homework…right… I spent four hours, count them one, two, three, four, on it and I’m still not finished. It’s amazing how much other stuff I manage to get done when I know that I’ve got a paper or a case study or homework to get done. For example, take last night.  I decided to ... Read More »

Pork with Plum Barbecue Sauce and Potato and Cabbage Stir Fry

Roasted Pork and Veggie Stir Fry

I have a glut of red cabbages and potatoes from my CSA that I’ve been attempting to use up. I’ve also got three pork loins, three more beef bottom rounds, and five chickens staring me in the face, waiting to be used up. The chickens are the easy part.  We’re going to break four of them down into parts and save the last ... Read More »

Slow Cooker Herbed French Dip

An herbed french dip made in the slow cooker

We had an awesome night last night playing laser tag.  Unfortunately both times I played my team lost, but it was still fun trying to take the other team’s base. And how sad is it that I’m that out of shape?  My thigh muscles are killing me today from all of the running and kneeling. I’ve also been gearing up ... Read More »

Turkey, Turnip and Potato Casserole

A hot dish using turnips, potatoes and turkey

First off – Happy Birthday to my husband!!!  He just turned the big 3 – 0 which means he has officially left his twenties behind (ha!) Let’s disregard the fact that I meant for this post to go up yesterday on his actual birthday but things were busy, busy, busy so yeah…disregarded…moving on….and we’re good! He *ahem* decided to take ... Read More »